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Technology is their reality. 
Want to help them take the next step?

Let                      be their launchpad.

Is your child a tinkerer?  Do they always wonder how things work?  How about taking stuff apart just to see inside? 
Build things just for fun?  Think outside the box?

Yep, they're one of us.


find your passion

Do you, or your children, enjoy technology?  Art? Photography? Videos and Movies? Play Video Games? Building things? Solving Puzzles? Making or listening to music?

If so, did you know there are tons of awesome careers out there that focus on things you already love?  The problem is, our school systems today teach such a broad range of topics, it's really hard for a person to figure out their passions.  Especially in the ever-changing world of technology. 


Going to work everyday, doing something you love, should be a goal for everyone. 

You can be a


or anything you dream of

our courses

At Simplystem, we understand the technology world moves quickly, so we try our very best to keep pace.  However, we make sure we're always grounded in the basics as well, as this is the launching pad for further exploration. 
here are a few of our courses:
  • computer keyboarding
  • digital photography
    • beginners/advanced​
    • shooting indoors
    • shooting outdoors
    • special topics
    • photo storytelling
  • digital videography
  • photo editing
    • adobe photoshop
    • gimp
    • adobe lightroom​
  • video editing​
    • camtasia studios​
  • intro to website development
  • interactive websites - Advanced
  • game design with javascript
  • virtual reality programming
  • animation with blender
  • google apps 4 kids
  • build your own computer
  • our complete tech4kids path
    • google apps
    • keyboarding skills
    • internet safety
    • tux paint
    • blogger
    • electronics
    • programming (scratch)
    • photography
  • Computer essentials path
    • microsoft office suite​
    • keyboarding skills
    • google applications
  • computer programming path
    • website development​
    • advanced websites
  • kodu
  • swift
  • unity
  • alice
  • tynker
  • robocode
  • codeingame
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