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We are excited to have you as a student!  Our job is to give you an excellent learning
experience so that you can expand your knowledge in the subjects you love or into new and exciting areas of intrigue.  To access your courses, simply click the button below and you'll be transferred to our LMS (Learning Management System) landing page.  Please make sure you bookmark the LMS landing page, as this is where you'll be logging in to take all of your courses.  Once you log in, you'll see the area to enter the PIN code located on the back of your product card.  You'll have to scratch it off to see it though. 

It looks like this:


Once you enter your PIN #, you'll be able to start your course(s).  If you have any issues, just use the Chat function in the lower right corner of the page and we'll be happy to help you!  That's what we're here for!

Well, we know you're excited to start your new learning journey!!  So click the link below to blast off on your new adventure!



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