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Simply Stem is a company dedicated to the education of others.  Voted a Top 100 Education Website 2 years in a row, we are thrilled to get this feedback from our clients.  We offer an ever increasing  course catalog so that we can meet the demands of our clients.  Technology and general work skill requirements are changing at a pace never before seen in our history.  

  • Digital Photography

  • Digital Videography

  • Photo/Video Editing

  • Video Game Development

  • Computer Programming

  • Technology Essentials

  • Workplace Computer Skills

  • Youtube Video Production

  • Word Processing / Spreadsheets

  • Digital Presentations

  • Google Applications

  • Website Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Virtual Reality

  • Augmented Reality

  • Javascript Programming

  • Java Programming

  • Build Your Own Computer

  • Computer Networking

  • Game Design w/ Unity

  • Scratch Programming

  • Technology 4 Kids Path

  • and many, many more......

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There are many platforms that will host training for instructors out there.  However, like us, many instructors and training organizations would prefer to have their own learning platform, branded specifically for them.  So... we created our very own Learning Management System for ourselves and tailored it to allow other online trainers to use for their courses.  We can customize the LMS to meet your needs and even develop custom reporting for you as well.  Our system is designed to be flexible, so regardless of your requirements, we can make it fit your needs.  In addition, the fees for using our system are VERY reasonable, compared to other online learning platforms.  Here are a few examples of other pricing models:





Our rate is a flat $2/course sold (or taken) and a tiered fixed hosting fee based on user count. 

In addition, we make it easy with our back-end online sales connection with Stripe so that you can quickly and easily setup your online training sales website without any hassles.  In addition, our dedicated support team can walk you through any issues or answer any questions you might have.  We offer very low hosting fees, so the process couldn't be easier.  You make the courses and we'll have you selling them online in no time!  We will also provide you with some excellent training (for free) to teach you how to make your online courses the best they can be.  Video, Audio, Software, Hardware, etc....  you'll be a Pro in no time!!!!

  • $4 and up per user/month

  • 3% of your sale, if you advertise with them

  • 25% and up (if you don't advertise the courses)

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